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Our Master of Science in Cybersecurity combines an understanding of information security technology with relevant knowledge from law, the social sciences, criminology, and management. The MS in Cybersecurity program is designed for working professionals and recent graduates who want knowledge they can apply in their workplaces to assess and manage information security risks effectively.

Specific learning outcomes include:

  • Building core knowledge surrounding computer system security and network security theory, processes and practices.
  • Planning and implementing security strategies to reduce risk and enhance protection of information assets and systems.
  • Identifying and addressing legal and ethical issues associated with information security, privacy, and digital rights and identifying how they inform specific cybersecurity plans and decisions.
  • Communicating effectively, verbally and in writing, with corporate management on cybersecurity-related issues.

Our MS in Cybersecurity graduates have found career success at a range of companies and government organizations, including:

  • Cigital
  • EMC Corporation
  • IBM
  • Microsoft
  • MITRE Corporation
  • Raytheon
  • US Army, Navy, and Air Force
  • US Department of Justice
  • US National Security Agency

Here’s what our graduates have to say about the MS in Cybsersecurity program:

“The professors are not just scholars, they’re also practitioners in the industry. They teach you how to directly apply the foundations of security, information assurance, and risk management to the workplace through policies and technology.”

– John Wunder, MSIA 2008

Senior Software Systems Engineer, MITRE Corporation

“The program helped me find a dynamic field that interests me. I wanted to take away hard skills to become a practitioner in information security, and the program prepared me very well. It also has helped me think about technical aspects while keeping in mind that policy and human behavior influence technical solutions.”

– Samuel Jenkins, MSIA 2012

US Government Security Analyst

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MS in Cybersecurity Curriculum

Please note that there is an error in online course catalog’s list of program requirements. In the Contextual Track section, IA5240 Cyberlaw: Privacy, Ethics, and Digital Rights should appear in place of IA5150 Network Security Practices. IA5150 is correctly listed in the Technical Track section.

Overview Program Requirements


The MS in cybersecurity can be combined with a Graduate Certificate in Engineering Leadership offered through The Gordon Institute of Engineering Leadership. Find out more about this option.