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Office Location

440 Huntington Avenue
266 West Village H
Boston, MA 02115


Hamidreza Jahanjou is a PhD student studying theoretical computer science at Northeastern University’s College of Computer and Information Science, advised by Professor Rajmohan Rajaraman. Hamidreza earned his master’s degree at Sharif University of Technology in Iran. He has collaborated with several faculty members in research and teaching, and he currently works on ways to solve computationally-difficult problems, with a research-oriented career in computer algorithms and theory as a goal.


  • MSc, Sharif University of Technology – Iran

About Me

  • Hometown: Isfahan, Iran
  • Field of Study: Theoretical Computer Science
  • PhD Advisor: Rajmohan Rajaraman

What are the specifics of your graduate education?

I joined the College of Computer and Information Science after completing a master’s degree at Sharif University of Technology in Tehran, Iran. I have worked with a number of faculty members and have also been a teaching assistant for several semesters – it has gone well so far!

What are your research interests?

Currently, my research involves finding clever ways to solve computationally-difficult problems. Some of these problems arise from practice, such as scheduling problems. Others are worth investigating due to their aesthetic values.

What’s one problem you’d like to solve with your research/work?

I would like to solve the rectangle coloring problem. When given a set of axis-parallel rectangles on a plane, what is the smallest number of colors needed so that rectangles of the same color do not intersect?

What aspect of what you do is most interesting?

The most interesting part of my work is understanding what makes some problems inherently more difficult than others despite similarity. I feel that this question lies at the heart of all research in Algorithms and Complexity Theory. It is also a very natural question: why does a riddle become obvious only after you know the answer?

What are your research or career goals, going forward?

I would like to pursue a research-oriented career after graduation.