Media Coverage Roundup: The Science of Fake News

March 9, 2018

“Fake news” has made headlines and dominated social media chatter since the 2016 presidential election. CCIS Professor David Lazer, along with Matthew Baum of the Harvard Kennedy School, is the lead author on a perspective paper published Thursday in Science, in which he and his colleagues examined fake news and its prevalence and impact across Google, Facebook, and Twitter.


  • WBUR: False News Travels Farther, Faster Than The Truth, MIT Study Finds
  • Inside Science: BRIEF: The Science of Fake News
  • CBS Detroit: Study: Fake News Spreads Fastest On Twitter
  • Vice News: Twitter’s Fake News Problem Isn’t Caused By Bots, It’s Caused By You
  • EurekAlert: Researchers call for large-scale scientific investigation into fake news
  • NU News: To stop fake news, researchers call for internet platforms to choose quality over quantity


  • The Atlantic: Why It’s Okay to Call It ‘Fake News’
  • GeekWire: Scientists verify that fake news outruns truth on Twitter — and call for a fix
  • Arizona Daily Sun: The science of fake news is more psychology than technology



  • NPR: The Psychology of Fake News