a laptop displays stickers from several student groups

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CCIS has a small college feel with all the resources of a major research university. The culture is collaborative and team oriented, and over time most students develop a strong sense of community and belonging by joining and leading student groups at CCIS and Northeastern. We encourage you to get involved and take advantage of the many resources available—and then later give back to the college, university, and wider communities.

CCIS student groups

CCIS offers a diverse range of groups and organizations, including:

  • Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) – The Northeastern University chapter of ACM takes your computer science knowledge beyond the classroom. Attend tech talks, workshops, coding competitions, and more, as well as social events to meet students and faculty (like “Geek Week,” game nights, and barbecues).
  • nuWit – Northeastern University Women in Technology aims to foster a diverse community of women interested in computer and information science who support and encourage each other to reach their full potential. Connect at academic and social activities, including tech talks, student panels, and workshops.
  • NU Hacks – This student-run community of artists, programmers, makers, breakers, and hackers meet to work on projects and discuss technology, design, and ethics.
  • Game Development Club – The Northeastern University Game Development Club offers students across all majors a place to learn about game design and the gaming industry. Explore your passion for game design with like-minded students, and attend lectures and events that offer practical knowledge of the field.
  • Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) – This student chapter facilitates professional activities and information sessions among Northeastern University students, faculty and staff interested in Information Assurance.
  • CoSMO – The Computer Science Mentoring Organization (CoSMO) is open to all Northeastern students interested in Computer Science. This organization serves to better connect various majors, combined majors, minors and non-majors who have a passion for Computer Science. Events include student panels regarding different majors, co-ops, or research, student-lead workshops on various technical skills, and non-academic affinity events to better connect students outside the sphere of classes.

Northeastern student clubs and organizations

The university’s student clubs and organizations, including the Student Government Association, provide a venue to develop your leadership potential. Academic and professional societies connect you to a network of accomplished professionals in your field. You’ll find athletic clubs, performing arts groups, cultural organizations, and everything in between.