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Personalize a minor to meet your academic goals

Computer science is applicable to virtually any field, from journalism to economics to healthcare. The CCIS Meaningful Minors program enables you to pursue a computer, information, or data science minor that ties our curriculum into your major—and empowers you with the skills necessary for an increasingly digital world.

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Meaningful Minors

A meaningful step towards your degree with 107 course options

Through a CCIS Meaningful Minor, you’ll gain in-depth interdisciplinary knowledge that directly applies to your studies plus the technical know-how needed to succeed upon graduation. You’ll join CCIS’ diverse and vibrant community, engaging with peers from a range of academic and demographic backgrounds while preparing to enter the dynamic global workforce.

The program is driven by student demand and the desire for academic flexibility. Our advisors will work with you to determine the courses most applicable for your degree—and tailor a computer science minor that is meaningful to your goals.



The fundamentals for success

The CCIS Meaningful Minors program begins with a common introductory course sequence: Fundamentals of Computer Science 1 and 2. CCIS majors and non-majors participate together, giving you an opportunity to bridge your knowledge base and skill set within a diverse setting. Approximately one-third of CCIS majors have no prior programming experience.

  • CS2500 Fundamentals 1 – Introduces aspiring coders to systematic and explicit program design, as well as students with coding experience to design. (No prior programming experience is needed.)
  • CS2510 Fundamentals 2 ­– Focuses on systematic program design in the context of a real-world language (Java) and incorporating existing code libraries into design.
  • DS 2000 Programming with Data – Introduces programming for data and information science through case studies in business, sports, education, social science, economics, and the natural world. This course presents key concepts in programming, data structures, and data analysis and examines the data analytics pipeline.

After completing introductory courses with CCIS majors, many non-major students discover a passion for computer science as a discipline and take advantage of the opportunity to transition into a combined major at CCIS.


Choose your electives path

What really sets CCIS Meaningful Minors apart from a traditional minor is the opportunity to take one of your three electives from a pre-approved list of courses from other departments. For example, a journalism student might elect to take Digital Storytelling in Journalism. An economics major may choose Game Theory in the Social Sciences or Applied Econometrics.