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Lazlo Ring

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Lazlo Ring


Office Location

177 Huntington Avenue
9th Floor, 927A
Boston, MA 02115


Lazlo Ring is a postdoc in the Computer Science program at Northeastern University’s College of Computer and Information Science, advised by Professor Timothy Bickmore. His research combines those fields to create more engaging systems that respond to real-time user affective states, particularly in health counseling. He received a joint Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Psychology from Stony Brook University. Lazlo has previously worked for a procedural animation company.


  • BS in Computer Science and Psychology, Stony Brook University

About Me

  • Hometown: New York, New York
  • Field of Study: Computer Science
  • PhD Advisor: Timothy Bickmore

What are your research interests?

I have always been interested in combining computer science and psychology to create more engaging systems. My current research interests revolve around the understanding and development of systems that respond to a user’s affective state in real time, specifically for health counseling systems. Also, I am very interested in developing animation systems for embodied conversational agents.

What’s one problem you’d like to solve with your research/work?

I would love to create an automated health counseling system that correctly responds to a user’s affective state in real time.

What aspect of what you do is most interesting?

The most interesting part of my research is working with domain experts in various medical fields to gain a better insights into how an intelligent user interface could be used to supplement patient healthcare.

Where did you grow up or spend your most defining years?

I received my undergraduate degree from Stony Brook University. My main motivations for going there were the ability to start research from my freshman year and to work across disciplines.

After receiving my undergraduate degree, I worked at a procedural animation company, where I learnt how to develop real-time animation systems.