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CCIS Congratulates Huntington 100 recipients

Ten students in the College of Computer and Information Science have been selected as winners of the Huntington 100, annuallyawarded to students who “truly embody the mission, ideals, and values of Northeastern.”

This year saw a record number of nominations for the award, says Aileen Kent Yates, co-op faculty for CCIS. The Huntington 100 is awarded to students based on their commitment to a wide range of campus ideals, including impact on the community; service; global engagement; commitment to leadership; and demonstrated innovative spirit. “We’re looking for somebody who has demonstrated, through their experience at Northeastern, that they’ve just had this really interesting story to tell,” says Kent Yates, “someone who you can tell has grown and contributed in an impactful way…the kind of individual that you know is going to represent the university well going forward.”

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