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Students place second in Spacex's Hyperloop Competition

Northeastern Hyperloop team ‘Paradigm’ finished second out of 25 teams at SpaceX’s 2nd Hyperloop competition held August 25th-27th in Hawthorne, California. Dan Hartman and Eddie Hurtig are part of an important project that may very well reshape the way people get from point A to point B -- in record timing. Hartman, a sophomore and Hurtig, a fifth-year, are both part of Northeastern’s student-led “Hyperloop” team, once known as OpenLoop but now called Paradigm.

According to Hartman, the Hyperloop works on the premise of high speed levitated travel without the presence of air friction. The train-like pods are suspended magnetically in tubes that act as vacuum chambers, eliminating air resistance and friction, allowing the pods to travel with speeds of up to 670 miles per hour.

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