Amy Sliva Forecasts Hot Spots for Violence

May 9, 2013

Amy Sliva is a pioneer in the emerging field of security informatics, taking a Big Data approach to mining the labyrinth of terrorism’s contextual markers to predict when and where violence might erupt.

It’s a method suited to the times, says Sliva, because the information stream related to violence and terrorism has never been more abundant. From smartphone activity to broadcast media reports, we have at our fingertips the perfect storm of indicators when large-scale violence is brewing. The question is, how do we sort and make sense of all the clues we have at our disposal?

By using many of the same principles that experts in bioinformatics use to map and predict disease, Sliva and her colleagues are building artificial intelligence models to analyze and forecast potential threats. Such predictions could help officials make smarter security policy, prevent bloodshed, and save lives.