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Today’s highly digital world requires a high level of technical proficiency from every graduate entering the workforce. CCIS minors provide the computer science skills and critical knowledge you need to succeed—in just five CS courses. Even if you don’t have any programming experience, a minor in computer or information science is within reach.

Choosing the right minor

Whether you are interested in pursuing a Computer Science Minor or Information Science Minor, you will take Fundamentals of Computer Science 1 and 2 to acquire a core set of programming skills.

Upon completion of the Fundamentals suite, follow the path that best fits your career goals:

  • A CS Minor focuses on building the software and services infrastructure used by individuals and organizations worldwide.
  • An IS Minor focuses on the information and software needs of a particular business, healthcare provider, government agency, or non-profit.

Additionally, the CS Minor has a choice of three electives while the IS Minor has two electives plus the required IS2000 Principles of Information Science course—which examines how information is used to solve problems and how information systems interface with users.

Integrate your education with CCIS Meaningful Minors

The CCIS Meaningful Minors program enables you to personalize a computer or information science minor to match your academic studies and meet your career goals. Acquire in-depth interdisciplinary knowledge that directly applies to your major while gaining in-demand technical skills and preparing for the digital economy. Take one elective related to computation or information from a pre-approved list of courses offered across the university. This allows you to integrate the minor with a course in your major or in another area of interest. You may also choose to take all electives in the minor within CCIS.

Download CCIS Meaningful Minors Integrative Courses