Readings and Project courses are four-credit, individual instruction courses a student can take along with a faculty advisor. These courses allow students to focus more specifically on a topic they are interested in, either through assigned reading material or a project designed by student and advisor.

Requirements for Readings and Project Courses:

  • The responsibility of finding a faculty advisor lies with the student. He or she is welcome to talk with faculty to discuss mutual interest in a particular topic and the availability of the faculty member for an individual instruction course.
  • The primary faculty advisor must have an appointment within the College of Computer and Information Science.
  • The student must have completed at least 16 credit hours of coursework prior to taking one of these courses.
  • A maximum of two Readings and/or Project courses can be taken towards an MS degree.
  • These courses do not count towards a concentration.
  • The student must include both how the research will be carried and how the course will be graded in the course description on the electronic form.

To register for a CS 8982 Readings or CS 8674 Project course, please visit the Forms page and complete the required form with the help of your faculty advisor.