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The College of Computer & Information Science offers the PlusOne, an opportunity to accelerate the time to completion for an MS in computer science degree from Northeastern University for most of our undergraduate majors. The PlusOne option allows undergraduate students to complete a maximum of 4 graduate level courses to apply toward both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs, shortening the time needed to complete the Master of Science in Computer Science from two years to one.

Please see combined BS/MS in Computer Science and the BS & MS in Computer Science/Mathematics for guidelines specific to these majors.


Interested students should meet with their advisor no later than the third semester to start the admission process, beginning with enrollment in a single graduate course. Undergraduate students must establish a minimum of 3.25 GPA to register for graduate level courses. Formal admission to the PlusOne program requires a minimum 3.25 GPA, both cumulative and within the major, and a minimum grade of B in at least one graduate level CS course.


Admission into the PlusOne program does not guarantee admission into the Master’s program upon graduation at the baccalaureate level. Students admitted into the PlusOne program maintain undergraduate level standing and must continue to request admission into graduate courses each term. In order to continue in the PlusOne program, students must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA and earn a minimum grade of B in all graduate level CS courses. Courses completed with a grade below a “B” may not be accepted by the graduate program.

Advising & Completion

Students must complete individualized plans of study with their assigned undergraduate academic advisor upon admission into the program.

Students are required to complete at least one of the following core courses for the master’s program. If possible, completion of two of these courses is recommended:

  • CS 5400 Principles of Programming Language
  • CS 5600 Computer Systems
  • CS 5800 Algorithms

During senior year, students will finalize the formal PlusOne form with the associate dean of the graduate school to matriculate into the Master’s program upon undergraduate graduation.

Below is a standard list of substitutions for graduate replacements of undergraduate degree requirements. However, these are only guidelines and approval of any specific substitution is at the discretion of the student’s academic advisor.

Undergraduate Requirement

Graduate Replacement

CS 3200 Database Design CS 5200 Database Management Systems
CS 3650 Computer Systems CS 5600 Computer Systems
CS 3700 Networks & Distributed Systems CS 5700 Networks Fundamentals of Computer Networking
CS 4100 Artificial Intelligence CS 5100 Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
CS 4150 Game Artificial Intelligence CS 5150 Game Artificial Intelligence
CS 4300 Computer Graphics CS 5310 Computer Graphics
CS 4400 Programming Languages CS 5400 Principles of Programming Languages
CS 4500 Software Development CS 5500 Managing Software Development
CS 4520 Mobile Application Development CS 5520 Mobile Application Development
CS 4550 Web Development CS 5610 Web Development
CS 4800 Algorithms & Data CS 5800 Algorithms
CS 4850 Building Game Engines CS 5850 Building Game Engines
IS 4300 Human Computer Interaction CS 5340 Computer/Human Interaction